GS-7 Pay Scale – General Schedule 2022

GS-7 Pay Scale – General Schedule 2022 – The pay grade GS-7 is the number 7 within the General Schedule (GS) payscale, which is the pay scale used to calculate the pay of most civilian government employees.

The base salary for a new G-7 worker will be $38,503 annually at step 1, followed by a maximum base pay of $50,050 each year at the time of Step 10. The hourly base salary of a Step 1 GS-7 employee is $18.51 per hour.

The information below illustrates the pay rate base for an employee with a GS-7.

In general, employees start at GS-7 Step 1 and progress by one level at a time, acquiring more experience at the job. Suppose you are promoted to a higher grade and encouraged to a higher pay grade. In that case, you can remain in your current position, and you will be accumulating weeks of experience till you get to the next step in your new pay grade. The information below summarizes an annual GS base pay for each step of the G-7.

  • Step 1: $38,503
  • Step 2: $39,786
  • Step 3: $41,069
  • Step 4: $42,352
  • Step 5: $43,635
  • Step 6: $44,918
  • Step 7: $46,201
  • Step 8: $47,484
  • Step 9: $48,767
  • Step 10: $50,050


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